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Indian Paintbrush on Yellow Rock

Yellow Rock

Description Just west of Cottonwood Creek in the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, great lumps of Navajo sandstone lie jumbled on...

Jacob City: A Ghost of Utah’s Past

Jacob City: A Ghost of Utah’s Past

The Ford Bronco II pitched and rolled up the narrow canyon. It’s oversized rear windows afforded a crystalline view into...

Naturalist Basin

Naturalist Basin

Oblique rays of golden light sliced like laser beams between thick columns of pine. The sharp illumination at our backs...

The Lakes Backcountry

The Lakes Backcountry

The Lakes Backcountry, as it’s referred to by the Forest Service, is a prodigious chunk of roadless land almost one...

Hackberry Canyon

Hackberry Canyon

The shallow stream ripples quietly across a flat bed of fine sand, bracketed on each side by willow thickets. The canyon widens as it cuts through the colorful Moenave and Chinle formations...

How to See More Wildlife

How to See More Wildlife

Spotting wildlife can profoundly impact an outdoor experience. Unfortunately wild animals are usually in the business of avoiding humans. Still, there are a few things you can do to increase your likelihood...

Hiking boot

Hiking Boots: Finding the Perfect Fit

Few things can make or break an outdoor adventure like boots can. When it comes to choosing the right pair of boots for traipsing across the backcountry, follow these tips to ensure an ideal fit.

Hobble Creek Canyon

Hobble Creek Canyon: A Wilderness Walmart

Hobble Creek Canyon is one of the last-best-close places around Provo that offers a condensed, convenient version of Utah's best outdoor experiences.

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