Hackberry Canyon

Hackberry Canyon

The shallow stream ripples quietly across a flat bed of fine sand, bracketed on each side by willow thickets. The canyon widens as it cuts through the colorful Moenave and Chinle formations...

Hobble Creek Canyon

Hobble Creek Canyon: A Wilderness Walmart

Hobble Creek Canyon is one of the last-best-close places around Provo that offers a condensed, convenient version of Utah's best outdoor experiences.

Paria Rimrock Hoodoos

Paria Rimrocks and Toadstool Hoodoo

Description Just north of Highway 89 and east of the Cockscomb, a variety of landforms have eroded from one of...

Eardley Canyon narrows

Eardley Canyon

The canyon walls rise and darken. Near the bottom where we walk they are almost black. These are the narrows. Running a hand on the cool stone evokes a feeling of sanctity. This is why we came here.

An entrance to the sandstone tunnels in Johnson Canyon

Johnson Canyon and Montezuma’s Gold

A few miles east of Kanab, a deep canyon slices northward through the multihued cliffs of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National...

Cascades along the Left Fork of North Creek

The Subway

Northwest of the Zion visitor center, a small stream slices through the Zion backcountry. Like many of the creeks in Zion...

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