Hobble Creek Canyon: A Wilderness Walmart

Hobble Creek Canyon

A group of riders explore Hobble Creek Canyon on horseback.

As Utah County gorges itself at the trough of consumerism, oozing suburban sprawl can almost suffocate wilderness lovers. Fortunately, Hobble Creek Canyon is less than a 20 minute drive from Beto’s, big-box stores, and row upon row of mortgage monuments. The canyon is one of the last places near Provo that offers a condensed, convenient version of Utah’s best outdoor experiences. When you can’t spend a week in the Uintas, why not spend a Wednesday evening in Hobble Creek?

Hobble Creek is divided into a main stem and two forks: the Left Fork and the Right Fork. The Right Fork lies mostly within the Uinta National Forest. The narrow road is canopied with thick trees as it winds between steep mountain slopes. The cold, clear creek offers great trout fishing. The paved main road ends approximately 8 miles up the canyon and continues to climb until it reaches over into Diamond Fork Canyon (favored turf of Mark Perkins, one of our contributors).

Right Fork

The best thing about the Right Fork is that almost any turn off the road offers opportunities for a short hike. There are several trails, including the following:

Days Canyon Trail

The trailhead is located at Cherry Campground. This trail follows a small stream up a draw, eventually opening onto a meadow. If followed, it eventually joins with Maple Canyon Trail.

Kirkman Hollow Trail

Follow the right fork of Hobble Creek past Cherry and Sulphur campgrounds. The road finally crosses the creek. The trail starts as a 4WD road just beyond this crossing. It continues three miles up on a ridge, ending at Wanrhodes Canyon.

Wardsworth Creek Trail

This trail begins where the pavement of the Right Fork road turns to gravel. The trail follows a stream upwards through spruce and aspen. About 3.5 miles up this trail is a picturesque waterfall cascading over red rocks. At the top, Dry Creek Canyon Cutoff Trail forks off near a stock pond.

Dry Canyon Trails

Three trails begin near Dry Creek Campground. Trail 091 is one of these, and extends roughly five miles before joining a 4WD road in the left fork of Hobble Creek.

Left Fork

The Left Fork of Hobble Creek is mostly private land, but many residents are willing to give permission to responsible hikers, photographers, and fishermen. The Left Fork is wider and larger and offers beautiful views. Pole Haven, a canyon about 3 miles from the Hobble Creek Golf Course, leads to the base of Provo Peak.

Mountain bikers, photographers, anglers, and hikers will love Hobble Creek for its quick and easy access, as well as compact but dynamic offerings.

Getting There

To reach Hobble Creek, take US Highway 89 through Springville and turn east on 400 South. After approximately 1 mile there is a four-way stop. Turn right onto Canyon Road and follow it up into Hobble Creek Canyon. Bring a high-clearance vehicle, and you can spend hours enjoying winding dirt roads, off-trail hiking, and expansive views of the Wasatch.

4 Responses to “Hobble Creek Canyon: A Wilderness Walmart

  • Valerie Simpson
    8 years ago

    My brother, Lance James Simpson, and his wife Jade Simpson, were killed on the right fork of Hobble Creek Canyon Rd. He video taped the whole day on his dash cam. The dirt road was like any other dirt road until all of a sudden, wham there was a 90 degree turn that my brother didn’t make. They fell over 600 ft and rolled several times. My point is this: Why are there no warning signs at all or any kind of barriers! But I think that Utah is just as much at fault as my brother is for not warning them hey slow down 90 degree turn ahead. Not right Utah. My brother just moved to Utah because of a job he’s from Washington state. He’s driven mountain roads his whole life I know I will never get my baby brother back or his wife, but please Utah put up some signs warning people that are new to the area, slow down next turn 90 degrees or you will die! They died June 10 2016, thank you please help! Valerie Simpson, Spokane WA.

    • Paul Jones
      8 years ago

      Hi Valerie, I am so sorry to hear about this. I moved away from Utah a few years ago, so I’m not as aware of things that happen in the area. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to lose a brother in such an unexpected and untimely manner like this. My thoughts are with you and your family.

      Paul Jones

  • Just realized – I already follow you on IG! Didn’t realize this was your website haha. I still need to check out Hobble Creek – do you know if dogs are allowed off leash?

    Alicia @ http://www.GirlonaHik.com

  • Melissa
    6 years ago

    Just thought I would mention that the turn off of 400S is at a roundabout, not a 4 way stop.

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