We’re just a small group of people who love the outdoors. Exploring little-known corners of the world makes us profoundly happy. Most of us have day-jobs, so unfortunately we can’t spend all our time outside. The next best thing is writing and talking about it. That’s where this site comes in.

Paul V Jones


Paul has spent most of his life living in Arizona and Utah. In 2015 he earned his PhD in Biochemistry at Arizona State University. When he’s not doing science, Paul seeks out any opportunities for hiking, backpacking, photography, and flyfishing. He also enjoys chasing down historical¬† in the form of ghost towns, abandoned mines, and archaeological sites.

Mark E Perkins


Mark lives for anything related to traveling or exploring. His preferred flavors of adventure include snowsports, flyfishing, scuba diving, treasure hunting, backpacking and abandoned mine exploration. Above all he loves discovering remote places.

John C Jones


John was born and raised in Mesa, Arizona. He moved to pursue an MD at the University of Utah. He has since been certified in Advanced Wilderness Life Support. His non-medical specialties include outdoor gear, cartography, and photography.